What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

We offer a Flat Rate of $9.95 for all orders under $100. And for all orders over $100 its all shipped to your door for free.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

PayPal is offered as our first choice and we also offer Stripe as another method of payment. Both can be used with your ever day credit cards being VISA and MasterCard. We also now offer the convenience of Apple Pay™.

How long will delivery take?

Generally within 2 to 3 days your order should have completed our production phase in our factory and then shipped to your door depending on where you live, within 10 – 15 working days at the very latest. Most orders will be under 10 working days to your door. We will also send you a tracking number which you can keep up to date with your orders progress via our tracking page. http://track.vividcanvasphotos.com.au

If for some reason you still haven’t received your order by this time please contact us then.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Our store has the latest security measures in placed and and you can tell by the Padlock, Green Address Bar and Secure Site Seal that we are encrypted with a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and only the bravest of brave bad guys will even attempt to get in.

What exactly happens after ordering?

Immediately you should receive an automated invoice for your payment to your email account. We then schedule your order(s) into production, this can generally take up to 2-3 business day to achieve. Once complete its them packed and shipped to your door which depending on where you live can be up to 10 – 15 business days from ordering. you will also receive a email advising you once shipped with a tracking number, which you can track from our tracking page – http://track.vividcanvasphotos.com.au

Generally your order should arrive in under 10 business days. If your order hasn’t arrived after 15 business days plesae contact us and we will investigate.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes you will receive an invoice emailed to you at the time of you ordering. Your invoice number can also help us in the event you need to contact us for any reason regarding your order.

Why is my colour different to my monitor?

The easiest way to put this is sometimes your monitor will have a different colour scheme to the one we use for printing. If you ordered a print and it was purple instead of orange you need to let us know, but if the shades were simply the slightest different then most will agree that its acceptable.

Glass prints colour?

Due to the nature of glass it has a high-iron content (Green Glass although it looks clear) and when you place a white background on glass it will be portrayed as green tinge.

However we endeavour to use a type of glass that is called Low-Iron and will assist in making your beautiful images remain white as possible and true to there colour.

Do you do any other sizes?

We offer numerous sizes in all three of the type of prints we supply. However due to Glass and Metal weight and size we don’t offer a Custom size service for these.

However for canvas prints we can offer some very large custom sizes but you will have to contact us and let us know what you are looking for so that we may be able to help you.

Why does my image looks blurry?

We recommend that you only use a high definition resolution image for your prints. When enlarging images that come from a lower resolution the image will distort as you make them bigger. For this reason we have warnings in place that will alert yourself if your image is too low of a resolution. You will still have the option to continue but it may look blurry if you do so.